Farm City Week 2018

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Farm City Week 2018


This week Watercress Farms inc presented the nutritional benefits of watercress and how it’s produced to groups of over 1000 3rd graders from Manatee County’s elementary schools.

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Farm city week is used to celebrate and recognize the beneficial partnerships between rural and urban communities to that make a safe and sustainable food supply plentiful.

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Florida farmers and ranchers help feed the world by producing a bounty of nutritious foods. To do this, they rely on essential partnerships with urban and suburban communities to supply, sell and deliver finished products to consumers across Florida and around the globe.

Rural and urban communities working together have built our nation’s rich agricultural resources so that they contribute to the health and well-being of our country and the strength of our economy. During National Farm-City Week, we recognize the importance of this cooperative network.

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Agriculture employs more than 2 million workers, including farmers and ranchers, shippers, processors, marketers, retailers, inspectors and others who contribute an annual impact of $127 billion to Florida’s economy. As they perform their daily work, farmers and ranchers preserve freshwater recharge areas, wildlife habitat and greenspace. Consumers help farm families maintain their superior natural resource conservation practices by purchasing Florida agricultural products.


This year, we showed our support by hosting a stand which demonstrated the nutritional importance of the watercress that we grow. Over 1000 3rd graders got a hands-on experience as they tasted our produce, got up close with seed and seedlings, as well as understanding how watercress has become the number one superfood since the ancient Egyptians first started growing it!

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All the kids got a chance to dig in to some fresh watercress, the unique peppery kick was a big hit for the most part!

For more information on watercress goodness, see the ‘Health Benefits’ section, and don’t forget to check out some new and exciting watercress recipes!

Morgan Jaffray