About Us 

We are specialist growers of watercress for sale in the US and export to the UK between the months of November and June. At WFI, we believe in traditional standards of quality and value and the importance of farming in harmony with our environment. Watercress Farms Inc. is accredited to Globalgap, Tesco Nurture, Leaf Marque and Marks & Spencer’s Field to Fork Standards, US HACCP FSPCA . Watercress Farms Inc. is part of The Watercress Company which is an international business with farms here in the US, UK and Spain.

In 1995, with the encouragement of a major UK supermarket for a third supply source for watercress, Watercress Farms Inc. purchased a 500 acre farm in Florida, USA. The initial development included watercress beds and packing and cooling facilities. Situated inland from the Gulf Coast of Florida, Myakka City has the perfect environment for growing watercress. It's cooling coastal winds guarantee that temperatures are kept low, which suits the growth of this aquatic plant; seasonal production can exceed 1 million lbs. WFI totals 500 acres, including 200 acres of nature reserve and an expanding area of watercress beds. The farm is fed by pure borehole water ensuring that the quality of the water supply is regulated and assured. The large areas of natural vegetation encourages some amazing wildlife such as ospreys and bald eagles that fish from the lakes around the farm.

Guy Averill

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Guy has been with Watercress Farms since 2000 and is originally from Birmingham in the UK. With a degree in Food Safety from Harper Adams University, Guy is responsible for all daily technical issues and quality control and is passionate about growing top quality watercress. Guy’s hands-on approach guarantees the delivery of fresh watercress produced at the highest standard all the way from field to fork. 


Rob Last

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Rob is originally from Lincoln in the UK and has been with Watercress Farms since 2007. Rob is responsible for all agronomy aspects of watercress production in US, as well as providing agronomic support to growers in the UK and Spain. Rob has a degree in agriculture from Nottingham University, and considerable experience in salad production systems. Previously Rob worked as an agronomist, advising farmers on fertilizer and spray applications, soil management and technical advice.


Morgan Jaffray

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Morgan is originally from Cambridge in the UK and has been with Watercress Farms since 2016. Morgan is responsible for the practical aspects of watercress production and is the hands-on manager during planting and harvest, as well as overseeing all machinery on the farm. Morgan also assists the UK during the off-season, flying back each summer to support the UK growers. Morgan has a degree in agriculture from The Royal Agricultural University, and extensive practical experience in a wide range of farming systems.