Growing the freshest Watercress straight from the sunshine state

Environmentally friendly and sustainable, we drive innovation and blend it with tradition to achieve our goals, harnessing our passion for farming to be the world's premier watercress farm.


Welcome to Watercress Farms Inc.

Specialist growers of watercress for sale in US & export to UK between the months of November and June.

At WFI we believe in traditional standards of quality and value and the importance of farming in harmony with our environment.

Watercress Farms Inc is accredited to Globalgap, Tesco Nurture, Leaf Marque and Marks and Spencer Field to Fork standards. US HACCP ETC.

About us

Watercress Farms Inc is part of The Watercress Company which is an international business with farms here in US, UK and Spain.

In 1995, with the encouragement of a major UK supermarket for a third supply source for watercress, Watercress Farms Inc purchased a 450 acre farm in Florida, USA. The initial development included watercress beds, packing and cooling facilities.

Situated inland from the Gulf coast of Florida, Myakka City has a perfect environment for growing watercress. It's cooling coastal winds guarantee that temperatures are kept low, suiting the growth of this aquatic plant. WFI totals 450 acres, including 50 acres of nature reserve and an expanding area of watercress beds. The farm is fed by pure borehole water ensuring that the water supply quality is regulated and assured and the seasonal production can exceed 1m lbs. The large areas of natural vegetation encourages some amazing wildlife such as ospreys and bald eagles that fish from the lakes around the farm.


Guy Averill

President/General Manager

Our President/General Manager, Guy Averill, has been a key member of the team at Watercress Farms Inc since 2000. With a degree in Food Safety, Guy ensures that the harvesting of watercress is undertaken to ensure maximum quality and freshness of the crop. Guy is also responsible for all the day to day technical issues and is passionate about growing quality watercress, his ‘hands on’ approach ensures that the highest quality is always guaranteed.

Rob Last

Senior Production Manager

Rob, originally from Suffolk, UK, responsible for all aspects of watercress production in US, Rob also provides agronomic support to growers in the UK and Spain. Rob has a degree in agriculture from Nottingham University, and considerable experience in salad production systems. Previously with Hutchinson Crop Production Specialists, Rob worked as an agronomist, advising farmers on fertiliser/spray applications, soil management as well as technical advice


Watercress, the original superfood

Watercress is a highly nutritious plant packed with essential vitamins and minerals, with a higher amount of nutrients than many vegetables. Much of this nutrition is part of the plants makeup but it's also worth understanding that the mineral rich spring water used to grow watercress in the US is adding to levels.

Watercress has now been labelled as a Superfood by scientists, but why?

The plant has many health benefits and current research by scientists has shown that the high levels of antioxidants can increase the ability of cells to resist damage to their DNA, helping to protect against the cell changes or mutations that can lead to some diseases.

The compounds that have attracted so much interest are generated by the chewing and digestion of watercress. This process mixes the enzyme Myrosinase with the Glucosinolates to produce a compound that holds the peppery flavour that watercress is so well known for and known as ITC's or isothiocynate.

There has been significant research over the years investigating the effects of a particular strain of this compound called PEITC, and watercress is a fantastic source of this natural product.

For further information on the extensive medical studies completed in US or Europe please contact us or alternatively you can download the following papers.

The nutrients present in watercress and the health benefits of watercress has been known for decades with the 'working classes' in the early 19th century eating bunches of watercress in the mornings known as 'Poor Man's Bread'. Hippocrates the father of medicine built his first hospital close to a stream to ensure a fresh supply of watercress was present for his patients.

The nutritional value of watercress shows that if eaten as part of a daily healthy diet will supply high levels of Calcium (more than an average glass of milk), Vitamin A, E, K, C and Iron.


In the USA, Whole Foods Market has adopted ANDI nutrition rating system. The aggregate nutrient density index measures the amount of nutrients in a food (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals) related to the amount of energy (calories) in a food.

The ANDI score is based on a scale of 1 to 1000, with 1000 being the highest nutrient density possible. Whole Foods is the first food store to begin to label certain foods with their specific ANDI score, in an effort to help shoppers make smart, nutritious decisions.

Watercress scores a whopping 1000 on the scale, putting it in joint first place and right at the top of the crops. No wonder it's the Champion of the chopping board!

Keep in mind that nutrient density scoring is not the only factor that determines good health. For example, if we only ate foods with a high nutrient density score our diet would be too low in fat. So we have to pick some foods with lower nutrient density scores (but preferably the ones with the healthier fats) to include in our high nutrient diet.

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Sales And Production

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